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July 19, 2017

Get Your Glow: Beauty Rose Tea Latte

Hey Merbabes!  I am always on the hunt for a magic potion that will clear up my skin, make my hair shine, and give me an all around glow.  Well, I found it, even better I made it myself, and so can you. This Rose Tea Latte is made with Tulsi Rose tea, Beauty Dust by Moon Juice, and Coconut Milk for the ultimate, vegan, beauty-drink, plus it tastes divine.  

What you need:

To make this latte, all you need is Rose tea, Beauty Dust, and Coconut Milk.  I used this Tulsi rose tea for the amazing healing properties found in Tulsi.  Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb, adaptogens help the body adapt to stress by normalizing levels of stress hormones.   Moon Juice is a company that creates adaptogenic goodies such as their moon dusts, I recently got the sampler pack with two of each moon dusts.  For this recipe I used the beauty dust because I am all about getting my glow on, but you could use any other dust as well!

I began this latte as you would any cup of tea, I filled a mug about half way with hot water then added my rose tea bag.  After the tea steeped, I added in a packet of beauty dust, and stirred it up until the dust was dissolved.  

I let my tea cool since I wanted a refreshing drink for this summer day, then I relocated my beauty tea into a larger glass.  Then, I poured in the coconut milk; I used full-fat coconut milk because I adore how thick and creamy it is. You could substitute coconut milk for any of your favorite non-dairy milks.

Grab your prettiest paper straw and enjoy! Xo



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